A successful mural is greater than the sum of its parts. As a muralist my goal is to be a filtering sensibility, an alchemist helping you transform a multitude of ideas and practicalities into a single, cohesive and pleasing vision.

Every client, every space, and every mural is different, but the process almost always has these elements in common:


This is where we meet, and the brainstorming begins. We exchange ideas and images together, examine different styles and painters, and consider a wide range of approaches. Our goal is to come away from this meeting with a clear idea of what we will create, and how we will go about doing it.


Here, I bring your vision into form. I design a series of sketches based on our discussions, culminating in a painted color 'maquette', which is a small, usually 1'' - 1' (one inch to one foot)scale version of what the mural will look like.


I paint your mural in my studio, on canvas, and install it in your home or business once completed. This way, you can avoid the inconvenience of having an artist and her supplies in your space for weeks or months at a time. Once installation is complete, the mural is virtually indistinguishable from one that has been painted directly onto your wall.


The fun part! Full scale painting begins. As I progress I will send you regular photographic updates, so you can see your mural as it develops.


When the image is complete I call in my installation team. Under my supervision, they will install the mural in your space, where you can enjoy it for many years to come.