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Great Room, Residence


Entry Room

San Jose, California

This residence near San Jose, California had an enormous formal entry room with 22' ceilings. The focus of this design process was working with the warm, monochromatic palette the client and designer (Stacey Lapuk Interior Design) had chosen for the space. Below, you can see the  maquette for the ceiling, which I created using both a brush and a laboriously hand cut stamp.

I incorporated the soft beiges and browns that were already in the space, and added warm metallics as well-- variations of gold, bronze, copper, and hints of cooler pearlescent white and silver. The abstract ceiling pattern consisted mostly of these metallics. An underglaze of both metallic and raw umber paint was overlaid by a stenciled design , with the pleasing result that as you moved beneath the ceiling the colors would shimmer and change across the surface. A copper shape, for instance, that was dark and unobtrusive from one vantage point would glow red from another.

The elaborate grisaille surrounding the cabinets and fireplace was rendered in shades of beige, with an aged gold border...

and the vertical fireplace mural added a more traditional pictorial aspect to the space.



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